Trade Show Transportation and Logistics

Wednesday June 1, 2022

Toronto.  Quebec City.  Chicago.  Las Vegas.  Boston.  Miami.  New York.

These are some of the common and popular venues for trade shows every year for a variety of industries.  Vendors travel from place to place, trade show to trade show, with their products and show teams.  Their exhibition materials must be transported, unloaded, and reloaded at each stop as their show teams move from city to city, and everything must arrive on time.

The trade show venues are a bee’s nest of activity in the days leading up to, and then the days following, the shows, with trailer trucks unloading gear and products before the show, and then loading them back up once the show has ended.  Punctuality is essential to the smooth flow of this work on either side of the show itself.

Convention centers have marshalling yards to manage this inbound and outbound flow of exhibit material.  Drivers have assigned “check-in” times at these marshalling yards, and a missed time slot could mean an empty exhibiting space inside the show.  Vendors can lose tens of thousands of dollars and lost sales if that happens.

If a booked carrier misses that time slot on the outbound side of the process, exhibition freight can get forced onto the show facility’s carrier trucks, usually for a much higher hauling fee than that of the booked carrier.  Exhibitors are often offered advance staging warehouse storage before the trade show, with the final leg of the journey to the venue managed for them.  This can be costlier as well and requires shipping well in advance of the show.

Loading crews, drivers, timing, and the smoothness of delivery and pickup within short windows of opportunity to do it all make for a daunting challenge.  The logistics of this process are not for the faint of heart, and only those who are well experienced and well staffed can pull it off without a hitch.

Custom Transport Logistics For Trade Show Materials

This part in the process of trade show exhibition staging is where a good 3PL comes in.  Third-party logistics (3PL) companies can take on this vital role in the ordinary course of their business operation – it’s what they’re good at and what they do.  Among the ranks of good 3PL companies in North America is Mactrans Logistics.

Mactrans Logistics offers a variety of shipping options to help you meet your deadlines and budgets.  It knows that every minute counts, as does every dollar, and its service options will see to it your materials for trade show events arrive timely and well.

Mactrans Logistics has built relationships with transportation partners who have a demonstrated regional presence and local knowledge for smooth domestic and cross-border shipping.  Its just-in-time and expedited logistics services are unmatched in the 3PL industry.

Mactrans Logistics can handle the transportation needs for trade show delivery, and make sure exhibition materials arrive on time.  While trade show producers offer transportation and warehousing services for their shows, these services are often two and three times the cost of Mactrans’ experienced services.

Mactrans Qualified Carriers can meet any transportation logistics needs its clients may have to meet trade show requirements.  As a result, Mactrans has become a valuable link to many clients in achieving trade show success all over North America. 

Beyond transportation, Mactrans can act as an “advanced warehouse,” keeping materials on a shipping dock until that “final mile” delivery needs to be made.  This ensures timely delivery at the designated check-in time.  Windows of opportunity get met, and exhibition materials are where they need to be when they need to be there.

They can take the worry out of the process and get vendors and their exhibition materials to the show on time, every time, from venue to venue when needed – from Toronto to Chicago to New York to Quebec City, and, well, you get it.  Domestic and cross-border schedules are easily and smoothly met, with no logistics challenge being too great to overcome.

Mactrans experience takes the worry out of trade show presence and puts its clients in the best position possible for trade show success.