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From Hot To Cold, Mactrans Manages Reefer Freight

Temperature sensitive shipments need an extra level of expertise to make certain there is no deviation in the temperature of your reefer shipments. Mactrans’ Temperature Controlled Experts are dedicated to ensuring reliable and efficient transportation of your temperature sensitive shipments. Whether you need heated, frozen, chilled or ambient service, we can manage it all safely, securely and on-time.

Cross Border Or Across Canada

Whether you are shipping food inbound from the US or pharmaceuticals across Canada, Mactrans can help you ship your temperature-managed freight to almost anywhere in North America. Our Mactrans Qualified Carriers operate in all of the major corridors across the mainland US and all Canadian provinces.

From Food To Pharmaceuticals

Mactrans’ broad experience with temperature-managed freight enables us to provide the perfect logistics solution for just about any reefer requirement you can have. Your temperature-controlled freight is always safe with us because only Mactrans Qualified Carriers handle your freight, ensuring your goods are maintained at the correct temperature, always.

Food manufacturers and distributors will value our dedication to the regulatory requirements of the North American Food industry; making sure your products are delivered from source to shelf safely and efficiently. Pharmaceutical companies will appreciate the care and attention our carriers provide with every shipment ensuring your high value pharma products are safe and secure.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured And Full Certifications

Being fully licensed with the US Department of Transportation (US DOT # 2243762), Mactrans is able to provide the reefer services you need to reach all of North America. Our Motor Carrier number is MC# 668741 and our Standard Alpha Carrier Code (SCAC) is MLIH from the National Motor Freight Tariff Association (NMFTA). We carry a surety bond with The Guarantee Company of North America USA and our insurance is provided through the Dalton Timmis Insurance Group, ensuring you shipments are secure with us.

Types of reefer freight:

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