Consolidation Programs

Cross Border Consolidation Shipping & Logistics

One of the ways we can help customers reduce their freight spend is through our consolidated cross-border programs. We pick-up as a partial or a full load in the US and deliver to our courier and LTL networks in Canada.  Instead of paying for numerous international truckload, LTL freight & courier shipments, customers can enjoy reduced costs on linehaul, Canadian domestic LTL, and courier transportation.  Customers also move from multiple customs entries to one consolidated Canadian customs entry.  This significantly reduces your annual customs brokerage fees.  Let Mactrans Logistics help you develop a customized consolidation program that is right for you.

Retail Freight Consolidation

One of our main areas of expertise is inbound vendor consolidation programs. More and more retailers are seeing the advantage of controlling their own inbound freight. Mactrans Logistics will help you streamline this process and reduce the amount of carriers currently delivering to your facility. This will mean less paperwork and administration costs resulting in cost savings. We work closely with your vendors, logistics department and buyers to streamline your transportation supply chain.

Cloud based TMS

Mactrans offers an integrated solution with full visibility through our own customized cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) designed specifically for our consolidation programs. We receive the orders electronically and create customized reports to provide customers with updates and analyze their shipping patterns.


Mactrans Logistics provides road, rail & marine transportation management services across the continent.

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We provide complete North American transportation management for small, medium, Fortune 500 and Global 500 businesses.

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