Mactrans Logistics Recognized as Endorsed Business Partner and Endorsed Logistics Employer

CITT is excited to announce that Mactrans Logistics has been recognized as both an Endorsed Logistics Employer and Endorsed Business Partner. The endorsement signals CITT’s recognition that Mactrans Logistics is committed to enriching the discipline of logistics, and committed to the spirit of professional excellence CITT aims to foster. Mactrans joins a select group of logistics service providers which have been recognized with both of these CITT endorsements.

“Mactrans embodies what we look for in an endorsed partners” says Pina Melchionna, President & CEO of CITT. “They understand the importance of always working to advance and further professionalize the logistics sector in Canada. That’s reflected in their commitment to training their people and in their client relationships. In fact” she continued “we recently shared the news that Mactrans was listed on the Globe and Mail’s list of fastest growing companies which comes as no surprise to those following the business.”

Joel MacKay, President of Mactrans echoed CITT’s enthusiasm for the partnership. “Mactrans has always supported CITT and we are excited about taking our partnership to the next level” says President, Joel MacKay. “Our regional managers in Quebec, New Brunswick and Alberta all hold their CCLP designation and I’m proud to say I was awarded my CCLP in August of this year.” adds MacKay.

Look for more news and announcements from Mactrans and CITT in the coming months.

CITT Endorsed Business Partners are organizations who offer solutions, products and services designed to improve business performance in logistics operations – through anything from innovative technology to expert consulting to competitive rates on things logistics professionals already purchase.

CITT Endorsed Logistics Employers are organizations committed to the development of the logistics profession – both within their organizations and for the logistics sector. These organizations prioritize attracting, developing, and retaining top logistics talent. Status as an Endorsed Logistics Employer is the indication to the industry from CITT that an organization is a champion for the field of logistics and proven to invest in the advancement of the discipline.