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MACsync is the easiest way to synchronize your supply chain.

Mactrans’ transportation management service is different than all the rest. Instead of focusing on individual lanes, we take a look at your entire North American supply chain. Our ability to give you this unique perspective has helped us become one of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies. With MACsync, we actually show you the easier way to ship freight and cut costs. We do the analysis; we get the proposals; we give you total control!

Freight Analysis

Before we begin any analysis we sign an NDA to reassure the safety of your information. Our analysis then starts with a detailed examination of your entire North American transportation activity. We put it under the magnifying glass and take a look at the big picture. For companies with multiple branches, we synchronize them into one initiative and remove the silo mentality common throughout the industry. Once synchronized, we look at your carrier base to evaluate which are performing well and which need improvement. Finally, we conduct a sample post audit to ensure accuracy in your billing as well as to identify quick fixes that will immediately start saving you money— and we do it all for free!

Carrier Request For Proposal (RFP) Management

After we have secured your permission with a Letter of Authorization (LOA), Mactrans engages in freight operation discussions with your carrier base. All of your historical shipping data is then taken and summarized into a MACsync managed Carrier RFP. That RFP is then distributed among Mactrans’ carriers and your current carriers base for comparative pricing submissions. All of the submission data is then summarized into a single presentation for you to review. If you don’t find savings there is no obligation to work with us—and we do it all for free!

TMS Technology

Now we can decide which carriers you wish to use and gain the advantage of Mactrans’ free transportation management system (TMS) to manage it all. Our TMS will provide you with the best rates and service by lanes and you only pay for the shipments we manage for you. All implementation, reporting and IT costs are covered with the MACsync system. And, to ensure you are getting the best rates, MACsync also provides free carrier invoice auditing as part of the service.

You only pay for the freight you ship, everything else is FREE

Interested in MACsync? Please contact us or call 1.877.856.6805

Download our MACsync sell sheet

Download MACsync Sell Sheet


“We have been impressed with the MACsync program. The Mactrans team took the time to learn our business, met with all of our branches across Canada and analysed a year’s worth of carrier invoices. We are very happy with the service they provide and the savings they achieved through the carrier RFP. By increasing the efficiency of our logistics system, we have been able to increase sales and reduce costs as a result of their support.” – Gabriel Granatstein, Chief Operating Officer – La Cie Canada Tire / Canada Supply & Tire

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