Logistics Sales Agent (LSA)

Have you always wanted to be your own boss, within a role that allows you unlimited earning potential while working alongside highly skilled Logistics professionals? Do you want to provide your clients with the best service and pricing options for their Canadian Domestic and North American cross border LTL and TL freight? If so, the Mactrans Logistics Sales Agent role might be the perfect fit for you.


Mactrans Logistics not only prides itself on exemplary company culture with unparalleled service, we also work incredibly hard to provide our Sales Agents with the best opportunity for success within their roles. We understand the importance of building something special that can last well into retirement, and the Logistics Sales Agent role accomplishes precisely that. The earning potential is practically unmatched, as is the growth trajectory for our agents who work with us.


We pay our Logistics Sales Agents 40% of the gross margin (the total invoiced amount before taxes minus the freight movement costs), and there are no sales caps or minimum percentages required for the commission to pay out. Moreover, we don’t burden our agents with the responsibility of dispatching, which empowers them to focus on growing their business and creating a schedule and workflow on their terms. With this in mind, our program is the best sales focussed commission program we’ve seen in Canada.


To further promote a culture of empowerment and entrepreneurship, we allow our Logistics Sales Agents to complete control of the territories they choose to service. To set our agents up for maximum success, we provide all necessary marketing materials and tools, and all admin support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the commission percentages and splits?

We pay our Logistics Sales Agents 40% of the gross margin. Gross margin is the total invoiced amount (before taxes) minus the freight movement costs.

I’ve seen higher commission splits why do you pay 40% at Mactrans?

There are higher commission splits out there but in those cases the agents also have to do their own dispatching. We don’t believe that dispatch model is beneficial to the agents or Mactrans. If you spend all of your day finding carriers and dispatching trucks how are you going to grow your business? How would you ever be able to take time off? Our Logistics Sales Agents bring in the business and then our professional operations group dispatches the loads. Our program is the best sales focussed commission program we’ve seen in Canada.

Are there any sales caps or minimum percentages required for the commission to pay out?


Will I have a set territory?

No, the world is your territory. Most of our agents concentrate on accounts close to their home but you’re free to close accounts anywhere. We’re looking for Logistics Sales Agents all across North America.

Do you provide marketing material and sales help?

Yes! We will give you all the marketing tools you need to grow your business.

What else does Mactrans provide?

In addition to booking the loads and all operations functions we also provide all admin support. We pay the carriers and collect from the customers. We also carry insurance and the required surety bond to move US Domestic and US Cross Border freight.

Will you pay for my expenses like Car, Cell Phone and Travel?

No, you are running your own business so all of those expenses are your own. You can spend the money you see fit to grow and run your business.

Can I have other sources of income as a Mactrans agent?

Yes, you are running your own business so there needs to be multiple sources of revenue for your company. Most of our agents represent other providers in the Logistics industry so they can offer their customers with a full suite of services.

What does Mactrans do better than the other guys?

Every 3PL says they offer good service and we are no exception. Let’s face it none of us would be in business if we were not service-driven companies. You can see a full list of the services we provide and the industries we service. Here’s a list of the things we do a little bit different than the other guys which will help give you something special to provide to your clients:

  • Retail Consolidation Programs
  • LTL and Full Loads from Mexico to Canada (primarily for the Automotive industry)
  • Residential and specialty White glove deliveries across Canada with our Last Mile service
  • Direct Drive network across North America for bulky and fragile products (primarily for the Pool and Spa Industry)
  • Cloud-based TMS that we can give customers for FREE if the business warrants it

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