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Pool And Spa Transportation Specialists

Mactrans understands the Pool and Hot Tub industry has special requirements and we have developed a transportation network to meet those needs. For Hot Tubs, we provide efficient service without cross docking that helps reduce damages and claims. We also provide heated and hazardous goods service for the transportation of your pool chemicals. For your less specialized moves, we provide general LTL freight service across North America.

Mactrans Direct Drive Ships Hot Tubs Cross Border

Hot tubs, similar to other bulky freight, are not a fit for most common carriers. That’s why Mactrans developed a direct drive service for manufacturers and distributors of bulky freight like hot tubs. Direct Drive helps you transport your freight across North America with little or no cross-docking. We provide all transportation services; both full truckload and less than truckload (LTL), within Canada and between Canada and the US.

Mactrans Pool and Hot Tub Transportation Advantages:

  • Reduced damages and claims through our direct drive network
  • Hazmat transportation for your Pool Chemicals
  • Consolidation programs for US companies shipping to Canada
  • IPG Information Sheet

The Official Transportation Supplier to IPG

Mactrans Logistics specializes in transportation management for the Pool and Spa industry. As the official transportation supplier for The Independent Pool Group Of Canada (IPG), we help IPG members with all their pool and hot tub/spa transportation requirements across Canada and cross border between Canada and the US.

IPG Member value-added services:

  • Coordinate pick-ups with each vendor’s shipping department
  • Complete bills of lading
  • Ensure customs paperwork is sufficient and coordinate release with customs brokers for cross border moves
  • Carefully monitor shipments in transit, provide reports and communicate any delays
  • Provide consolidations, when possible, to reduce each member’s shipping costs


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