Consumer Packaged Goods

Mactrans leverages years of industry expertise to service some of North America’s largest consumer packaged goods suppliers. This freight includes everything dry and packaged within a grocery store, pharmacy and big-box stores and can often face increasingly complex supply chains with steep costs and channel complexity.

Our network of Mactrans Qualified Carriers are entrusted with the transportation of a wide range of consumer packaged goods for our customers, including shipments across Canada and Cross border between Canada the US and Mexico. After years of growing our knowledge and teaming up with the right carriers to service you, Mactrans has nearly perfected general freight logistics. As such, we are able to offer clients a variety of shipping options specifically designed to maximize channels and reduce costs throughout the entire transportation process. 


Mactrans Logistics provides road, rail & marine transportation management services across the continent.

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We provide complete North American transportation management for small, medium, Fortune 500 and Global 500 businesses.

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 Keeping our clients informed of the latest innovations and updates to impact the transportation management industry.

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