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The automotive industry relies heavily on Just-In-Time (JIT) and expedited freight transportation services. In today’s free trade environment, cross border transportation of goods between Canada, the US and Mexico has become a major cost centre for the automotive industry. As a logistics provider to one of the largest automotive parts manufacturers in North America, Mactrans understands the automotive industry better than most logistics providers. We know from experience that there is a substantial potential for savings with efficient, knowledgeable automotive transportation management. Our experience with automotive logistics has lead us to proactively develop a variety of transportation management programs specifically for the automotive industry.

Experts At Just-In-Time And Expedited Automotive Transportation

When you need it there on-time at an exact time, Mactrans just-in-time and expedited logistics services can’t be matched. Delivering automotive freight across Canada at just the right time takes the experienced level of transportation management you find at Mactrans. Our network of Qualified Mactrans Carriers has been hand selected for their level of professionalism. Together, we become a valuable link in your supply chain and deliver efficient and reliable service that improves upon the service you experience now.

Cross Border Between Canada, The US, and Mexico

Mactrans provides full truckload, LTL and intermodal transportation between Canada the U.S.A. and Mexico. Our Mactrans Qualified Carriers operate in all of the major corridors across the mainland US and all Canadian provinces providing a level of coverage that’s perfectly tailored to the automotive sector.

Canada-Wide Warehousing And Distribution

Mactrans can help you warehouse and distribute your automotive freight to almost anywhere in Canada. An integral part of your supply chain, our warehousing and distribution logistics experts provide full-service warehousing across Canada to assist with your warehousing and distribution needs. Short- or long-term, regional or nation-wide distribution, Mactrans Logistics will customize the right supply chain solution for your automotive transportation requirements.


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