How to Expedite Freight from Port Cities with Mactrans Logistics

Over the last year and a half, few – if any – aspects of everyday life remained unscathed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the virus swept across communities, we all became aptly familiar with the pandemic-era terminology of ‘unprecedented times,’ while the ‘new normal’ was cemented within our personal and professional existence.

To this effect, businesses around the world had to adjust their offering(s) and processes quickly and appropriately to ensure their customers remained supported while adhering to public health guidelines and restrictions. For the logistics industry, specifically, the pandemic presented a unique set of challenges. On one hand, ecommerce surged exponentially as the in-store retail experience was suspended and, on the other hand, getting product from overseas became difficult.

When the pandemic hit, global shipping slowed down, and steamship lines saw a significant reduction in volume. This was a result of factories closing across Asia and Europe. As demand and, subsequently, pricing dropped, steamship lines had to cancel sailings. As 2020 came to an end the need for goods from overseas skyrocketed which resulted in more freight than there were shipping containers and space on the vessels to move it. Now, as the world looks to return to pre-pandemic normalcy and the demand for overseas shipping returns, the logistics industry faces a supply and demand issue. Moreover, even without capacity challenges and global imbalances, companies often need help shipping internationally/overseas. Fortunately, Mactrans Logistics can help streamline this process and expedite the shipping process of in-land freight from the port to customers’ doors.

While Mactrans Logistics does not offer overseas marine freight, our team offers a wealth of expertise in the realm of cost-effective intermodal container shipping to Western, Central, & Atlantic Canada, as well as cross border shipping between the US, Mexico, and Canada. For businesses that require assistance getting freight from seaports and rail yards across North America, we leverage our extensive network of qualified carriers to expedite freight.

To expedite this process, we destuff intermodal containers in popular port cities such as Vancouver and Halifax and transfer the freight onto trailers to move it by road, reducing demurrage charges and ensuring the seamless transportation of freight to customers’ doors. Our truckload transportation services include tandem, tridem services, and quad-axle dry van service for dry goods, temperature-controlled shipping service for ambient, heated and refrigerated products. We also offer clients flatbed transportation services including specialized and oversized cargo. This can make a world of difference for businesses whose customers have experienced delivery delays due to the current limitations associated with overseas shipping. The best part? Our team can ensure expedited shipments reach almost all of North America within 2-3 business days with team service.

Moreover, for businesses looking to nearshore and start sourcing more of their goods from Canada, US or Mexico, the Mactrans Logistics team can help put together a Transportation Management program for new vendors across North America.

Need our help? Don’t wait any longer. Reach out to our team of logistic experts today.