Logistics: An exciting off-road path for women

I am one of the privileged women who ventured into an amazing career in Logistics, a traditionally male realm.

For the most part, my friends were all studying or entering the marketplace in the arts and fashion industry. I consequently often found myself surrounded by a group of artists and designers. Although I preferred certain brands of clothing and makeup, I was at a complete loss when the conversation went deeper into the influence of fashion on society. I must have smiled my way through a dozen of those conversations in my early twenties! As opposed to many women in my surroundings, I don’t have a clue where to begin if you place me in front of a blank canvas with a paint brush.  For me, a colour palette is either an Orange CPC pallet or a blue Chep version. Stimulating my creativity stems with hours of going through a client’s annual transportation database to extract potential saving areas.

Transportation and logistics industry, hungry for success stories

The transportation and logistics field is hungry for potential success stories. I have been swimming in this industry for almost 20 years and I am more passionate than ever about my career. It’s simple; every item we touch, anywhere in the world, needs to be carried through some form of Supply Chain. Globalization and offshoring, followed by nearshoring, and every moving trend in between, makes our job every day more challenging than the previous.


Women in logistics, are passionate and determined

Perhaps it is the fact that careers in transportation and distribution are non-traditional for women, yet the women I know who succeed in this industry are the most passionate and determined ones I have met.

My daughters are free to follow any career path they wish, I strongly encourage them, however, to look beyond the popular traditional sectors segmented by gender or other factors. I would probably be a very unhappy assistant designer had I followed the trend of my entourage.

The logistics industry is the largest private sector employer in Canada

It is unfortunate that Transportation and Logistics was not a top choice on our school guidance counsellor’s list of promising careers in the 1990s, even though Logistics is the largest employer of any private sector industry in Canada. Luckily, a happy combination of circumstances led me into this extremely captivating sector shaped daily by passionate professionals.

I am proud to work in Logistics